Numerical Investigation of Circular Plates Deformation under Air Blast Wave

Document Type : Research Paper


1 K. N. Toosi University of Technology

2 K.N. Toosi university of Technology


In the current research the maximum deflection of circular plates made of AA5010 and AA1100 alloys under blast load was investigated. Shock waves were produced by exploding a spherical charge in different distances from the center of plates. The ABAQUS software uses conwep equation for blast loading analysis. It was found the results of these simulations have about 30% to 40% inaccuracy in comparison with experimental results. To improve the accuracy of the simulations the Friedlander equation was used that considers the positive phase of blast wave as exponential and the negative phase as bi-linear function. To this goal, the vdload subroutine was developed. Results were shown the difference between the experimental and simulation was decreased to 8%. Also, the effect of uniform and non-uniform shock waves on the deformation of structure and various types of failure were investigated. It was observed that uniform shock waves can be achieved when the minimum distance between the exploding charge and plate is about 3 times of the radius of plate.


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