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The “Iranian Journal of Materials Forming (IJMF)” is an open access international journal in the fields of materials deformation and forming processes founded by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of Shiraz University in April 2014. The journal was initially published semi-annually until 2021; however, it has been published quarterly since then. Currently, the journal publishes four issues per year in January, April, July, and October. Since 2022, IJMF has been published by Shiraz University in cooperation with the Iron & Steel Society of Iran. 

The journal is pleased to receive papers from engineers and scientists from academic and industrial areas using all kinds of approaches: micro-macro modeling, thermo-mechanical modeling, numerical simulation, including new and advanced numerical strategies, experimental analysis, inverse identification, optimization, designing and monitoring of the processes and of metal forming and shaping machines, wear and friction, mechanical behavior and formability of the materials, etc.

IJMF feels a strong obligation to support the scientific community in all aspects of research and publishing ethics. Thus, "iThenticate" is used as the main tool to evaluate the originality of submitted papers and to prevent the publication of plagiarized text. 


Current Issue: Volume 11, Issue 1, January 2024, Pages 2-71 

A Rational Study on Limit States in Hypoelastic Materials

Pages 34-43


M. Veiskarami; F. Kardooni; N. Khelghat; M. Jahanandish; S. Ghabezloo

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