Iranian Journal of Materials Forming, Issue 4, October 2022

Document Type : Editorial Article


Department of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Engineering, Shiraz University, Iran.


The “Iranian Journal of Materials Forming (IJMF)” is an international open access journal in the fields of materials deformation and forming processes, which was established at Shiraz University in 2014. The journal is pleased to receive papers from scientists and engineers from academic and industrial areas related to all manufacturing processes. In addition, all deformations, including the elastic and plastic behaviors of materials and deformations due to failure, are part of this journal’s field of interest. The quality and credibility of the journal have been ensured by appointing some of the most well-known professors in the world as members of its editorial board. In addition, the wide range of the selected referees in this issue is a sign of its scientific quality. It is a matter of pride that this journal has been successfully released quarterly for a second consecutive year with the fourth issue being published in 2022. Unfortunately, the rate at which we used to receive high quality articles has decreased due to a rise in the rejection rates. In order to publish on time and maintain quality, we need the cooperation of more experts in this specialized field.