TheJournal aims to publish and disseminate the original research in the fields of material deformation and forming processes.


The Iranian Journal of Materials Forming (IJMF) covers all forming processes, including sheet forming, bulk forming, powder forming, machining and cutting technologies, non-traditional processes such as abrasive jet, laser or ultrasonic abrasion, micro-forming, hydro-forming, thermo-forming, incremental forming, workability and formability of all materials and development in severe plastic deformation techniques etc. The contributions in the field of tools design, manufacturing and control, process chains, virtual manufacturing and quality assurance in material forming are also welcome.

Mechanical properties of all materials will be considered, including metals, ceramics, polymers, fiber reinforced materials, composites, glass, biomaterials, ultrafine grain or nanostructured, functionally graded, porous and cellular materials etc.

The Journal is pleased to receive papers from engineers and scientists from academic and industrial areas using all kinds of approaches: micro-macro modeling, thermo-mechanical modeling, numerical simulation including new and advanced numerical strategies, experimental analysis, inverse identification, optimization, designing and monitoring of the processes and metal forming and shaping machines, wear and friction, mechanical behavior and formability of the materials etc.


Current Issue: Volume 6, Issue 2, Summer and Autumn 2019, Pages 2-81 

5. Effect of Particle Size on the Compressibility and Sintering of Titanium Powders

Pages 42-51

Iman Kaseb; Mohammad Moazami-Goudarzi; Alireza Abbasi

7. Plastic Deformation Modeling of Foam-Filled Tubes with Multi-Layer Foams During Compression Loading

Pages 62-81

seyed mohammad Hossein Mirbagheri; Mina Salehi; Amin Jafari Ramiani